About Us

Contingent Cargo. Co is administered by Proactive Financial Corp, a privately held Company. What distinguishes us from our competitors is
the fact that we make conscientious efforts to provide affordable insurance to freight brokers through A.M Best A+ rated carriers.

The management at Contingent Cargo.Co has over 25 years of shared experience in the transportation and freight brokerage industry. Contingent Cargo. Co is a solution to a widely recognized problem within the freight brokerage industry. Freight Brokers need to keep up with the insurance requirements of their customers. Most freight brokers are skeptical that contingent cargo insurance is impractical in that it is a follow form policy which is not required by law and only the primary insurance ends up paying claims. But what happens when freight brokers find out that the primary insurance of the motor carrier is faulty or expired? How can the broker keep track of that? Contingent Cargo.Co can! How? Visit our services link.