Ans: Freight Broker or a Freight Brokerage company arranges for freight to be transported between Shippers and Receivers by Trucking companies.

Ans: No. A freight broker owns computers and telephones. He is merely an arranger of services provided by Trucking companies that Own their own trucks.

Ans : Currently, there are over 16,000 freight brokers operating in USA. There are approximately 3000 new freight brokers licensed each year.

Ans :One Solid Reason – To Obtain More Customers that will give him LOADS to move. A potential shipping customer has certain requirements of its trucking companies and Brokers. Most require some form of insurance. It is very difficult for a freight broker to get loads from a shipper with no insurance.

Ans :You can start making your customers certificate holders today. Just fill out your information on the quote portion of the site. Upon Approval, please fax a copy of your premium payment check that you will be mailing us. Also, please sign and fax us the terms and conditions page. When we receive your fax copy of your check, we will bind coverage. Coverage is not complete until the actual check funds are received by Contingent Cargo.Co.

Ans : If a freight brokerage has customers/shippers that want him to have Contingent Cargo or Contingent Liability, then that Shipper wants to be named as a Certificate Holder on the bottom left hand side of the policy. Contingent Cargo.Co will endeavor to keep all of our Freight Brokerage’s customers updated on any changes in the policies since they are certificate holders.

Ans :You have many options for this. If you have a large list of customers that need to be made certificate holders immediately, please email us an excel file. The entire list can be imported. Your customers will be emailed a new certificate immediately. Or, just email us the individual customer that you need to be added as a certificate holder. Finally, you can make your customers certificate holders yourself with the online tool under “print certificate”.

Ans :This is a Contingent policy. It does not substitute for Primary Insurance provided by the Trucking company you hire. As a freight broker, nothing is more important than contracting with Truck Companies that have adequate PRIMARY Liability and Cargo Coverage. Our Tracking service keeps track of the carrier’s primary insurance. We verify if the primary insurance of the carrier is up to date or not. We monitor its expiry and renewal and notify you a month before its expiration date. This way your can always feel secure while doing business with the carrier you hire.

Ans :No, not at all. This program comes free with the coverage. Once we bind your coverage with us, you are setup on our monitoring server. You can send us up to 200 certificates annually and our staff will keep track of those certificates for you. There are no additional costs and no hidden charges.