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Contingent Cargo.Co is an easy to use and affordable online tool for freight brokers. From A+ Insurers to offshore insurance companies, all lay trust in our verification and tracking service. Freight brokers feel proud to be associated with us.


We offer contingent cargo insurance through the best A rated underwriters making sure our clients are always protected. Click the link below to get a quote now.


What sets us apart is our ability to offer the most affordable premiums to freight brokers. Freight brokers can enjoy premiums as low as $70 a month with complete protection.


We offer 24/7 certificate request service to freight brokers. Freight brokers just need to fill out a simple form and the certificate will be in their email within minutes.

We Provide

Contingent cargo/auto liability insurance certificate verification and tracking service.

Freedom to make your customers certificate holders any time of the day.

We only work with insurance companies that offer quick claim resolution service. 

We offer legal representation during complicated court procedures, when the primary insurance fails to take responsibility for loss or damage.

Professional Customer Service including 24/7 email support.

Our Team

With over 12 years of experience, Josh has offered great value to the company. He has helped write the best and affordable policies for numerous freight brokers and helped grow their business.
Josh Capello
Founder/ Insurance Specialist
Graduated with a business degree and with over 4 years of extensive experience, Brad is an insurance specialist who knows how to customize the best policies for freight brokers.
Brad Guerdella
Insurance Specialist


CJS Express Brokerage LLC - GA

"Contingent Cargo.CO has helped me save some real money on contingent cargo policy. I just got a $100,000 coverage from them for just $1,025 annual with the tracking and insurance service absolutely free. They keep track of my carrier's primary insurance which helps me feel protected. I have two words to describe Contingent Cargo.Co -"Savings and Quality". Marilyn Hall,

ATM Brokerage LLC – Olanta, SC

"When I couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on contingent cargo insurance and was worried about getting new customers, Contingent Cargo.CO came forward as a real relief. I bought insurance from them at very affordable prices and am now experiencing an excellent service. I can make certificates any time of the day and can have my carrier’s insurance verified through their staff. Great going Contingent Cargo.CO." Tedric Mcelveen

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